Treehouse is a small buildings built around or within the trunk and branches of large trees. A cool and quiet place where we can meditate or think about things we are bothered about? Most tree houses are far simpler structures used as places for kids to play. treehouseBut, in the past some tree houses can be very complex and used as homes. Today, some tribes in Papua Indonesia like the Kombai and Korowai still live in the tree house in the jungle. There are many benefits of having a treehouse in your yard can provide : treehouse
1. Connect with nature
Life in the trees is slow and relaxed and gets you in touch with nature in a way that no other home can. The calming effect of sitting in a tree or just being around it in a green space, can reduce stress, and help relieve, as well as avoid, anxiety and depression as well as other mental health problems.  You adapt to the rhythm of nature, get tired with the onset of darkness and the sinking temperature, wake up with the squirrel at dawn, your first breath cool and fresh, listen to the rustling of the leaves, enjoy the various birds that gradually wake up, and you’ll realize something very important again – that you are part of this nature.

2. Outdoor activity for your kids
Outdooe activity or just playing outdoor games improve the overall health of the children. The children playing in a tree house can coordinate well and can work in a team. They will learn to share and collaborate with each other while working together. Add binoculars, a rain gauge and a telescope to the treehouse and you’ll inspire your kids to observe and be absorbed by the natural world, far from the blinking screen inside the house. The budding natural scientists will observe first hand phenomena like tree growth patterns, the effect of strong winds on a tree, the changing seasons, bird and animal life and weather patterns.
treehouse 1
3. Run away
Your treehouse is also an ideal place to hang out and have private time to reflect, read, and unwind, for both parents and kids. Alone time is just as important as social time, and having a balance of the two brings many health benefits. Whatever you do in your treehouse, it’s a fun and unique way to bring the family together and spend quality time that the kids will love.

Very soon, building tree houses could just become the fashionable norm. There are now increasing numbers of eco-friendly custom treehouse, which use only salvaged materials and equipment. After all, don’t you agree that being a part of nature is one of the big benefits to owning a tree house home?

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