Tips for Planting Trees in Your Yard

By planting trees in our yard, we can contributed to the well-being of our planet. Trees shade and cool us in the summer, protect us from cold winter winds, supply us with clean air to breathe, beautify our communities and provide habitat for wildlife. If you’re considering planting a tree, you’ll find hundreds of tree species available for your yard. You find them in your local nurseries. But how we choosing the best trees for our yard ? Here are three tips to help you select the best trees for your home landscapes :

planting trees
Climate adaptability
Choose trees that will accept your local climate, including both winter lows and any extremes of summer weather, such as baking heat, dryness, or high humidity. The lifespan of a tree depends on its species, growing conditions and climate. Trees can live for centuries or they can start to decline within 7–10 years, so it’s worth considering the future when you are deciding what to plant.

Height and weight
Think about how the tree will impact the view as it grows to full size. Are there other tall trees, power lines or part of your building that the new tree may conflict with as it grows? Or have you ever driven down the street and seen a house that looks like it’s being devoured by a large evergreen? A tree will grow in an attempt to reach the size it’s meant to be. Many evergreens have branches all the way to the ground, which may mean that everything behind them disappears and it’s less desirable if you want to keep on open look within the landscape or if you’d like to admire the full expanse of your lawn. If you plant your tree near your house, a smaller tree would be best, while bigger/taller ones would be great farther out in the yard.

planting trees
Care and Maintenance
Most trees require some maintenance, it’s more a matter of choosing one that suits your lifestyle and the context of the planting location. Like a tree that grows too big for the space will require a lot of pruning to maintain the size. But if you really desire a certain tree that is not a perfect fit for the environment you have to offer it, it may well be worth the extra maintenance for the satisfaction of having that particular tree.

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