Tips For You on How to Have a Minimalist Bathroom

minimalist bathroom

The bathroom is a fantastic place to begin your first foray into simple living. It’s the place where my morning routine starts so I like it to be light, to smell good and to be functional. By starting small, with your bathroom, you’ll be able to get a feel for how minimalism truly functions. Minimalist bathrooms always opt for quality over quantity, they are far from cold and boring. Here tips for you on how to have a minimalist bathroom :

minimalist bathroom

Get Rid of Empty Bottles and the Junk Drawer
Empty bottles are often the number two contributor to bathroom clutter (empty toilet paper rolls fall in the number one spot in many homes). Make it a habit to recycle bottles as soon as you empty them. If you have a junk drawer in your bathroom, empty it out. Often times our junk drawer contains countless items that never end up leaving the drawer. Keeping the empty space free is vital in achieving minimalism; space should be used only when really needed. Free space makes your bathroom look clean, airy, and inviting.

minimalist bathroom

Stick To A Neutral Color Palette
Use neutral colors, like white or grey, for the walls and scatter other neutral tones throughout the space as accents. This keeps the bathroom feeling open and bright even if you have no windows and enhances the natural light if you have some.

freestanding baths

Embrace freestanding baths
When designing a minimalist bathroom, you should consider having freestanding baths. It is a simple and aesthetically pleasing bath that comes with simplicity, the sole purpose of a minimalist bathroom. Or tear out the bathtub and add a modern walk-in shower surrounded by seamless glass. It’s a great way to save tons of space in your small bathroom. A seamless glass door may be more expensive than a shower curtain, but will definitely be more durable. Not to mention, it will open up the space and add value to your home.

bathroom ample storage

Create ample storage
Make sure you have enough storage to keep all items hidden (preferably behind opaque, mirrored, or frosted doors), even if this means adding a cabinet to the space. Do whatever’s necessary to keep your hairbrush, teethbrush, deodorant, razor, eye shadow, and other sundries off the countertop. It’s important that everything have a place.

If you find yourself surrounded by clutter every time you go into the bathroom, you should think about giving it a modern look and feel by organizing it. Minimalism has to do with getting rid of excess furniture and keeping your surfaces clean and simple.

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