Minimalist Design Interior Characteristics

Minimalist design interior is popular not only for simple shapes and clean lines, but also healthy and stylish aesthetic. The theory of minimalism with respect to architecture is about achieving better design through simplicity – simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. Minimalist design shows restraint, a careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity. Creating minimalist style isn’t hard, but it does require a particular balance of key design ingredients to make the right minimal mix. Whether you’re working with a traditional home in the country that’s quite and small or a modern home, a minimalist style could be the ideal option for you. Here are some characteristics of a minimalist home: minimalist designRoom for space
Take a look at everything you have in the room and ask yourself what you really need to live comfortably. Minimalist design is all about just having the essentials, and furniture is the best place to start. Simple furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space is great, and every piece of furniture should have plenty of space to stand on its own without being cluttered with other décor and other pieces of furniture. Straight lines, strict geometry, shiny surfaces – these are the characteristics of the furniture typical for the minimalist interior design. Minimalist designClear walls
A textured wall can be the focal point of a room and often needs little else. Some people hang all kinds of stuff on their walls. No can do in a minimalist home. Clear your walls, except for one or two simple pieces of nice artwork. The bigger the piece the better, hanging homemade quilts, or placing other sentimental items on simple shelves. Limit yourself to a few of your most meaningful items but let your history and personality show.minimalist design color trendColour
White is the main colour for this style. White should form basis for walls, floor and furniture. But today’s style uses more color. A rich accent color is always part of the paint color schemes. Red,  burnt orange, or eggplant are popular choices! Or as an alternative you can choose neutral colors such as beige, grey, light-green. It works well even to have an entire wall in the accent color.Clear surfaces

Clear surfaces
Minimalist designs focus on straight lines and clean surfaces, except for one or two decorations . The secret to a clean and minimal home is a place to hide all the stuff! If you have a lot of things you need to store, closed cabinets might be the way to go. There are not a whole bunch of knick knacks, and definitely not stacks of books or papers or other items.

And the last, add to your home: natural wood elements, simple greenery, natural lighting, modern furnishings, water features, a deep soaking tub, plush floor cushions, sliding doors or screens, a room for mediating and plenty of colors derived from nature. Would you like to have a home designed in this style ?

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