Going Green In Home Remodeling

More and more homeowners, not only in New York but the whole country as well, have been talking and thinking green. Though no national standards yet states what a green home remodeling constitutes, it all boils down to social and environmental consciousness that promotes maximized energy efficiency. One misconception that commonly arises when thinking green construction is having to build houses of mud bricks or straw bale and living solely on solar panels. Though solar panels are among the examples of eco-friendly home improvements, it is just one among the many things that you can do. So to clear any more wrong ideas, here are several factors that make any home remodeling project green:

1. Make use of recycled or easily renewable resources,
2. Apply non-toxic products,
3. Utilize low maintenance and long lasting materials,
4. Enhance the quality of air inside the house promoting healthier indoor living,
5. Features economical use of water and energy, and
6. Results to less waste along the completion of the home remodeling project. home remodeling
To sum it all up, going green in home remodeling will not only save you money in the long run but also promotes optimal comfort and health inside your house. An essential element that makes these benefits possible is high quality craftsmanship, and excellent building practices making your choice of home remodeling contractor crucial. Make sure that the local contractor you pick to work on your job fully understands what he will be doing. There are also qualified craftsmen specializing in green projects that you could look up.

The information campaign on going green has spread among homeowners in New York and throughout the country like wildfire inflicting social and environmental awareness. It has even established some trends in home remodeling that more and more people are implementing into their homes. So if the concept of enhanced quality of living and increased savings without causing harm to the environment got you interested, here are several green ideas for your next project:

Home Additions are great solutions that add considerably to the living space of your home and superb opportunities to implement every green building ideas there is. For sunrooms, decks and patios to be ideal for multi-seasonal use; build them facing the south for optimal use of natural light. home remodeling
Insulation should be adequate to enjoy cooler summers, warmer winters and lesser energy consumption thus a cutback on monthly bills. Have your home evaluated for possible leaks and have these areas looked into and have the rest of your homes insulation upgraded. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are green building insulators that considerably heighten energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution, while saving on materials and labor cost as it uses lesser wood and can be installed faster. Other home features to look into to enhance insulation include:

Windows and doors- opt for energy-efficient designs like those with wood or vinyl frames and multiple panels for windows;
Heating and cooling systems- upgrade old ones to high efficiency and Energy Star-rated air conditioners and heating systems;
Leaks- weatherstrip, seal and caulk wherever needed.

Flooring trends tend toward stone and ceramic tile flooring, bamboo, FSC-certified wood, and cork which all offer high quality and attractive flooring. Improve water systems by having your faucets and showerheads changed with water-saving models and having filters installed with them.  Another water-saving green idea to add into your home remodeling are hot-water re circulation pumps.

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