Floating Bookshelves Design

Decorative floating bookshelves are perfect thing which is especially designed to appear like they are attached to the wall. It’s not only provide a room with a place to put your books, but when mounted correctly they can look fun, sleek and even a bit sophisticated. We’ve compiled a list of wonderfully floating bookshelves ranging from super-modern choices for minimalist or industrial interiors to charming rustic options and your cottage styles.

  1. Invisible bookshelves

floating bookshelves

Whether you’re a book-lover, a home decoration enthusiast, or both, floating bookshelves can make a room feel imaginative while using wall space effectively. It feels awesome to see how old books can turn to be so trendy. You can DIY in the weekend by follow this instruction :

floating bookshelves


2.  Invisible hanging bookshelves


Hanging shelves are a unique, modern and minimalist storage solution that will definitely give any living space an elegant look while still maintaining functionality. Living room, bedroom, baby room even kitchen can have books stored and organized in shelving for easy access.

3. Floating bookshelves


How about this design ?  So simple, elegant and modern. When we like reading or culture in general, it is lovely to be able to make the most of our books. Keeping them available on wall shelves is making culture accessible to any visitor to your home.

4. Corner floating bookshelves


books shelves

When you have limited room, filling in these books is the best way to store things without sacrificing precious space elsewhere. We all have corners in our house, but they are often left empty or aren’t used in a creative way.

5.  Free design floating bookshelves


books shelves design


Floating bookshelves are one of the most common shelving systems that can be found in modern homes. This is great way to get that needed storage for your books, they are easy to hang and remove, without needing bulky brackets or table legs.



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