Color Combination For Minimalist House

color combinationThe color combination for minimalist interior design may be a challenge for some people. If we are wrong, the resulting color combination will make the appearance of your interior is as bad. It does not matter if you have small, spacious, or medium space in the house, you must be creative and innovative when choosing the color to create a gorgeous design for your residence.

color combination

Classic minimalist design color uses black and white combinations. Bright lighting, white paints, furniture in white, black or gray color tones, plenty of storage and creative but modest wall decor ideas turn small rooms into beautiful and elegant workspaces in a minimalist style.

color combination 1 Colours seen in nature, such as sky blue and restful leaf green have a calming effect on us. Especially for facade you can combine bright colors with natural stones and soft distinctive color. If you keep your walls neutral – pale beiges, sands, ivories, greys and whites – you can bring color in with rugs, furniture, lamps, pillows, throws and artwork, flowers, and fresh fruit. You may also consider painting your ceiling or an accent wall.

house-paint-ideasFor modern home decorating, gray is the hot shade or paint walls in a dark midnight blue for a moody backdrop. If you have a small room but absolutely love dark colours, it’s possible to have it all without feeling like you’re living in a cave. Paint one wall with a dark colour and use a much lighter shade of the same colour on the other walls. Red and green, opposite each other on the color wheel, create contrast in this hallway.

color combination

Colours calm, stimulate, invigorate and energise us. They can have a powerful impact on our moods, both positive and negative. Choosing color should be enjoyable and should not be stressful in the least. Listen to your gut, trust your instincts – they never lie!


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