How To Choosing The Right Front Door

The door or front door is the first and last thing you will see, when you go to out or go home. Since the door has become an important part of the house, every home should have this type of doors based on your family safe needs, shape or design houses and building. Here we want to share you, what you need to consider when choosing a new front door :
front door
The International Residential Code ( IRC), which requires the main entry door of a house to be at least 36 inches wide and 80 inches high. In most areas, the building code for handicapped accessible doorways is 32 inches wide. In some areas, such as outside doorways it is 34 inches wide. But exterior doors seldom are shorter than 80 inches. But the IRC doesn’t place restrictions on any other exterior door, there may be many reasons why custom doors need to be fitted; it could be for aesthetic purposes, for special needs and disability access, or simply because the space doesn’t allow for a standard door size.

Wood, fiberglass, steel and glass are the three most popular exterior door materials.
Wood doors are the most common. Natural-finish stock and custom wood doors come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine. Each material offers certain benefits depending on the climate where you are building. Consideration should be made for energy-efficiency, durability, maintenance and protection when deciding what material is right for your home.

Fiberglass entry doors also have an insulated core, which offers additional protection from the elements. These doors can be stained in a variety of colors to give you the same beautiful look of traditional wood. When it comes to cost they may be slightly more expensive than wood options. Best of all, fiberglass front doors are exceptionally energy efficient.

Steel is becoming an increasingly popular material door option for homeowners. This material  known for being secure and energy efficient. It can make a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal at a less expensive price point.

Glass entry door gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunlight streaming into your home’s living room and a gorgeous view can stream into your home without the possibility of wind or insects entering. In effect, glass doors can be both energizing and uplifting, as well as a reminder of the beauty that lies just outside your home

When it comes to security, no matter what material a modern entry door is made of, steel, wood, or fiberglass, they are relatively equal when it comes to strength. Where they fail is at the locking mechanism. Look for a door with a deadbolt that’s at least one-inch long and a reinforced metal strike plate.

It means choosing between a single front door or double front door, and whether you want decorative sidelights or an overhead transom. Sidelights are panels that flank and accentuate your front entry door. They are usually crafted from glass, wood or fiberglass, and can be opaque for privacy or not. Entry doors with sidelights are very popular right now, mainly because of how they transform an ordinary entry into one looks richer and more fashionable.

The front door acts as your home’s “face.” For both visitors to your home and passersby, it does a lot to add  or detract from the overall impression. Picking the right front door will pay off in smoother operation, less maintenance, and added energy savings.

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