Sustainable Kitchen

Healthy family begin in the kitchen. Not only what and how you’re cooking, it’s also related to the layout and design of the kitchen and even the material of your kitchen. How can you design and build a beauty and healthy kitchen ?

sustainable kitchen

Minimalist kitchen design is the best choice to create a healthy kitchen. This design is not complicated and they all look so clean, simple and tranquil. One of the key point is try to adjust and optimized the limited space in order to obtain optimal results. There’s good use of the multifunctional furniture like storage racks as well as a table. Consider to bringing daylighting into the kitchen. Natural lighting will make you feel healthier and reduce your energy bill. Consume less energy in the long run always a healthy choice.

sustainable kitchen

The point is, we must care about where your materials of your kitchen come and try your best to make them as responsible to the indoor air quality, healthy and long lasting as possible. When it comes to choosing your materials for kitchen cabinets and counters, look for the following criteria, recycled content and ability to be recycled, durability, found in nature and renewable. Look for natural wood seals and paints that are low- or no-VOC when installing new or refinishing old cabinets.

sustainable kitchen

Kitchen Garden
Kitchen gardens were designed to be low maintenance and aesthetically beautiful, with lots of edible perennials. The area available for kitchen garden is very small, so only a few small beds of vegetables, supplemented with narrow strips here and there are available along the boundary wall, and other locations. Many plants, such as lettuce, celery, ginger, potatoes, bean sprouts, garlic, and onions, can be grown from kitchen scraps. Bonus: Indoor plants help improve air quality.

The ultimate sustainable kitchen is one that encourages green living beyond just counter materials and appliances, and it all starts during the design phase.

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