Open Plan Kitchen Design

Today a kitchen is more than just where you cook and keep all your food and appliances. But as a family, the kitchen is the heart of every home. The kitchen is where we cook, eat, to celebrate, share, relax, and live life. In other words, “Living in The Kitchen”. Discover how to build sustainably, where to find the best design and  furniture.

open plan kitchen
One of the most popular layouts, the kitchen-diner-living space reflects how our lifestyles and the way we use our homes has changed. Creating the perfect atmosphere in your open plan kitchen is a fine art. The practical has to meet the aesthetically-pleasing in a way that suits your home and family.

open plan kitchen
The first step, when it comes to designing an open plan kitchen, is considering the layout of the kitchen and how it functions with the rest of the zones of an open-plan arrangement is vital, especially if you’re thinking about creating a practical family kitchen, which needs careful planning. However, a great advantage here is that you’ll be able to have one cohesive design approach. It will make your house look instantly coordinated without having to labor over the color and stylezation of each room.

Open kitchens are meant to be communal areas where conversation and entertaining are as common as cooking, cleaning and dining. A traditional dining area with table and chairs can serve as an eat-in kitchen or a formal dining room. Consider stools or bar-style chairs can be a great addition to a kitchen island to add seating options.

open plan kitchen
How about a garden view from the kitchen? If that’s on your list of priorities, your kitchen will need to occupy an area of the room near to windows or bi-folding or sliding doors. You may prefer to create immediate views from the dining and seating areas instead, though, in which case the kitchen can be located further back.

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