Keeping Your Lake or Pond Clear

pondClear water in your lake or pond is the best way to ensure that the aquatic life residing there stays healthy, the surroundings look attractive and there is no brackish odor making the area unpleasant. Below are a few of the services available to help maintain a clear body of water at all times.

Muck and Mud Removal

Poor drainage, unlawful dumping and natural flooding can all lead to a build-up of sludge and muck in your pond or lake. This can add to drainage problems and create a serious imbalance in the water depth. Leaving this problem to build can lead to a complete failure of walls, or a gradual filling up of the body of water by sediment and debris. There are methods of removal that are environmentally friendly and will return your pond or lake to pristine condition.

Aquatic Plant Removal

Fish and snapping turtles love to swim around and through aquatic plants. There can come a time when the growth of these plants begins to choke off environment and makes it difficult for these creatures to move about freely. Periodic thinning of these and large amounts of algae is necessary to maintain the right balance for looks and water integrity. Having too much nitrates in the water from plants that die off can set up an environment that is detrimental to fish and other aquatic life.


Chemical Imbalance

Water should be monitored for quality at a regularly scheduled interval. You can easily catch problems early this way. You may find that dangerous chemicals are gaining access to your pond or lake and experts can devise a way to clean it up and stop this from happening. Experts will help you maintain the chemical balance of the water for the longevity of the aquatic life that resides there.

Debris Clearance

No matter how minor it may seem, debris like tree limbs, cans, bottles, plastic bags and other forms of trash can take a toll on your natural surroundings. Clearing the water and local area of this debris will keep your pond or lake in better shape all year long.

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