The Farmhouse Kitchen Design

farmhouse kitchenInterior design trends change on a consistent basis. However, what’s old always becomes new again. Basically, trends get recycled over a period of time. Just take a look at fashion and take a note of how quickly those trends change. However, when it comes to both fashion and interior design, there are certain designs that are simply classic. The farmhouse look is one of those classic, nostalgic designs that so many people long to infuse their kitchen. If you’re currently looking to transform your kitchen and make it farmhouse chic, there are a few elements you’ll want to include. Farmhouse kitchen

1. Farmhouse Sink
The farmhouse sink is one of the signature items in a farmhouse kitchen. Its width is normally what attracts a cook. There’s so much space in this type of sink to wash dishes, clean off produce or prepare a brine for some meat. Normally, a farmhouse sink sticks out a little further than the cabinetry surrounding it. It’s easily recognizable; so don’t forget to set aside some money to buy this staple.

2. Kitchen Cabinetry
Your kitchen cabinets are the largest items in the space and they make the most visual impact. If you have the tools at home to create cabinetry you’d like, go for it. If you have window panes in your cabinetry, line the insides with chicken wire. This is an easy nod to the rustic design of farmhouse kitchens. Another investment to consider is a custom kitchen cabinet design. You’ll be able to get the specific design you want with the help of experienced professionals.

farmhouse-kitchen-design3. Accessories
When you’re looking to transform your kitchen, the details are really important. In this case, the accessories matter. For a farmhouse theme, purchase a bunch of mason jars in different sizes. Use the mason jars as storage for different items. You could organize food items like flour, sugar and pasta in the mason jars. Get a few picture frames and install artwork that supports the country theme. Include rustic elements through the use of wood and steel. If you have a window in front of your farmhouse sink, opt out of using regular blinds or a window cornice. Get custom-made wooden shutters to cover the window. If you have room for it, get a farmhouse breakfast table and add four mismatched chairs to the bunch. Make sure the chairs are wooden. If you have a sander or some sandpaper, rub it along the wood of the chairs. This will help it have an aged and rustic appeal.

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