Cowhide Rugs – Luxurious and Natural Rugs for Your Wooden and Stone Flooring

Whether you have a full house, or live by yourself, a cowhide rug will stand the test of time, and very likely outlive you to become a family heirloom. Their beauty, versatility, and hard-wearing nature make them a sound investment for any home. With all the dust, pollen, and who knows what else cluttering up the atmosphere, their hypo-allergenic qualities are perhaps the best reason to choose cowhide rugs for every room instead of standard rugs that are like magnets for pollen and dust. Rugs made from cow skin only attract admiration. Allergies are aggravating enough without help, and many have chosen cowhide rugs for the allergy relief, as well as the beauty and long wear.

cowhide rugsUsing an animal skin to cover a floor might seem cruel to some, but not when you consider all the skins come from meat processing plants, and are waste material to them. Why harvest the meat and throw the cow skin out with the trash when it can be made into something beautiful and useful? It doesn’t matter if your home is rustic in design, or a chrome and glass masterpiece. The pliancy of cowhide rugs makes them suitable as a wall hanging, floor covering, or a furniture cover. The wide selection of colors and patterns makes it easy to choose the perfect one.

Keeping a cowhide rug clean couldn’t be easier. A damp sponge will suffice for normal cleaning, or for wet spills that stain, only mild soap and warm water is needed. No need to drag out the vacuum for what little dust cowhide rugs get on them. Just take it outside and give it a few good shakes, and it’s clean again. Imagine your living room with a cowhide rug on the floor, and maybe one or two draped over your favorite furniture. You don’t have to stop with just one room though, continue the trend throughout your home and enjoy the beauty and comfort of cow skin in as many rooms as you wish.

Many people, and especially those that don’t eat meat, may be shocked and offended at the very idea of a cow skin under their feet or on the furniture. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and many more people approve of the idea of using the whole cow instead of just the parts that end up on a plate. The durability and toughness of cow skin make it a terrible waste for meat packing plants to throw them out with the rest of the waste.

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