A Special Gift

Most of us live our lives racing from one life event to the next, rarely taking time to catch our breath. We don’t realize how much we’re missing in those moments. We rush so much that those of us that have learned how to slow down are the ones that stand out. We eventually crash and burn, only to pick ourselves back up and start all over again. Wouldn’t it be nice if we took those opportunities after a crash and burn to slow down and smell the roses?
In a Fog
Many of us rush through life creating a fog like state mentally. We forget things often, rarely focus on any one thing, and feel that normalcy is being in a constant rush. A quiet slow way of life feels foreign and unnatural to us. We may even feel as if we are being lazy, but we aren’t. We’re simply giving ourselves time to observe life and the passage of time. It brings peace and settles our hearts.
Slow Down
If we can convince ourselves to slow down and examine our thoughts, we might be amazed at what we find. we may discover the truth behind why we do so many things. We may even discover why we rush so much. It’s a different life and a different thought process. It’s much slower but far more thorough. The decisions we make in this state are often well thought out and insightful. This is very different from the quick harried decisions we make in a rushed state. If we could convince ourselves to stay in this state a little longer, we might solve a few mysteries. However, the pull of life’s fast pace is forever chasing us. we may even carry our job in foundation repair services cleveland ohio home with us because we can’t settle down and relax.

Smelling the Roses
There’s a special gift for those that have the courage to walk away from the rush of excitement and the pull of life’s pace. We get a new life and rediscover who we are. we remember that we used to love to take walks or paint and draw. We may even remember how much we used to love horseback riding. It may feel like a vacation until we realize that this is the only way to live.
We only get one life. It’s up to us to choose how we plan on living it. We ought to be motivated to choose our best life, however, many of us aren’t. Many of us live our lives in a fog, barely noting the passage of days. Learning to slow down and smell the roses gives us back our life again. What a beautiful gift life is. It’s the reflection of hope, the possibility of dreams, and the gift of the present.

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