Month: March 2017

Benefits of Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Allergies are the fifth largest chronic health concern in the U.S. with over 50 million Americans suffering from allergic reactions on a seasonal or continual basis. The cost of treating allergies alone in America costs over $18 billion annually. Allergies are also the main cause of asthma which affects over seven million kids and seventeen million adults nationwide. Pollen, mold spores, dust, and pollution send us scrambling for inside protection. 

carpet cleaning

In fact, Americans spend approximately 90% of our time indoors. And therein lies the problem. Our home sweet homes can actually be 2-100 times more polluted than the great outdoors. As the seasons approach change once more in the Midwest, it’s time to consider truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. But what are real benefits of using truck mount systems?

Modernized, Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Portable cleaning equipment may seem sensible upfront, but it’s a one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning. That may work fine for your home, but it won’t secure many customers who want a customized cleaning package. A Prochem truck mount not only provides carpet cleaning solutions, it also covers upholstery, tile, and duct cleaning as well as power washing and flood extractions. Try doing all of that with portable equipment and prepare to see an extensive hold on your profits in lieu of repairs and replacement costs.

carpet cleaning

Reliable Supplies, Equipment, Parts, and Service

There are almost 39,000 carpet cleaning businesses in America, and the industry has an annual 2% growth. A cleaning business is only as good as its equipment, but it can be limited by ignoring its potential customer base. Elderly customers are most likely to use a professional service. In fact, 56% of surveyed baby boomers admitted they hired a professional cleaning service just for carpet cleaning. If you expect to hook the older crowd, you’re going to need quality equipment, supplies, and reliable service. They expect and deserve no less.

Truck mount carpet cleaning systems are pre-installed and thoroughly tested. The parent corporation then provides technician-based support and reliable service if there are any problems down the road. Starter stock of cleaning supplies for each piece of equipment or services, warranties, and buy back options are often included. With a high-quality truck mounted service you’re not just dealing with desk-bound customer service reps, you’re investing in a company that’s equally invested in your professional success.

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment Saves You Money

A typical home has up to 200,000 bacteria on every square inch of carpet. That’s 4,000 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat. Pet dander and dust mites cling to carpet fibers, making allergies and respiratory problems flourish in the home. Even if the carpet looks clean, it can contain up to a pound of dirt per square yard. Most portable systems just can’t handle the heavy cleaning needs of today’s busy family home life.

While truck mount systems are obviously more expensive upfront than portable options, they also help save business owners and entrepreneurs a ton of money by being literal businesses on wheels. Each truck mount system is professionally installed to work independently with a specific vehicle, so there are no worries regarding switching equipment, hauling the wrong gear, or forgetting essential components. Of course, if you own a smaller truck or van, slide-in truck mounts can be installed as well. Whether you’re just starting out and want the best equipment possible or you’re ready to kick your cleaning business up a notch, a truck mount carpet cleaning system can help steer you towards financial and professional success.

Minimalist Living Room Design

The living room is a room in a house or apartment that is used for relaxing in and entertaining guests such as relatives, neighbors, or your friends. Living rooms are often in the front of the house, near the main entry way. Many living room ideas revolve around tricking the eye into making the area appear more spacious with a minimalist design, that does not take up much space. Term minimalism is used to describe a trend in design and architecture wherein the subject is reduced to its necessary elements.

living roomFurniture
The furnitures are the backbone of the minimalist design. How to choose the right furniture for your minimalist living room? When you shop for furniture, consider its visual weight. This concept refers to the perceived heaviness of an object based on size, color and design. Place only the essential furniture like a couch or a love seat in your living room with a coffee table. Virtually every piece in this living room functions as storage, which keeps clutter to a minimum and gives the room a streamlined look.

living roomColor
Choosing the right colors for your living room is a challenging. This design used to be synonymous with just black and white. But today, the minimalist style uses more color. A rich accent color is always part of the paint color schemes. Red, Burnt Orange, or Eggplant are popular choices! It works well even to have an entire wall in the accent color. Start with two basic neutrals, and consider adding a pop of color, too. A bright color can provide a unique accent to a neutral scheme like black and white.

living room Light
Keeping it light and bright will also give the room that modern vibe you find in minimalist designs. The lighthearted nature of this wide and spacious living room is due to the monochromatic appearance of the light and creamy tones. The big window adds a natural sunlight and beautiful ambiance in this minimalist living room. So say goodbye to the curtains or go lighter with them, and enjoy your views of the outside.

Minimalist home design features flooring that is simple in design and color. Use flooring that is simple with solid colors like beige or cream. Bamboo is perfect for light and airy rooms. It’s a durable material that is resistant to the moisture and warping that you typically find in other hardwood floors. Or You can use ceramic tiles, laminated flooring and others.

wall decorWall Decor
For a minimalist design, avoid placing many things on your wall. You can place one or two wall decor but make sure that it looks good. Have it framed with a solid color and choose a simple frame. Leave other walls free from whatever decor.

Minimalism is not just a way of decorating an interior, is a way of lifestyle inspired by the Eastern culture and philosophy. The theory of minimalism with respect to architecture is about achieving better design through simplicity – simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. Minimalist design shows restraint, a careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity.

5 Tips for Buying Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are used in everything from residential homes to industrial processing plants. But what if you don’t know which type you need? How can you be sure that you’re buying the right product for the right price? If you’re in the market for water filtration systems, here are just a few tips for avoiding the lemons. water filtration1. Know Your Needs

Maybe you’re looking for a simple attachment that screws on your faucet and traps impurities before they can contaminate your drinking water. Maybe you need a high-tech, fully-powered industrial water separator that can handle endless gallons and high pressures. Whatever your desires, do some research on types and brands before you go shopping.
2. Mind Your Budget

Water filtration systems can run the gamut in terms of price, so instead of giving yourself a hard-and-fast limit for how much you’re “allowed” to spend, try to work within a flexible price range instead. Keep in mind that you might also have to purchase multiple filters if you’re outfitting an entire home or warehouse. Your budget should cover all potential expenses.
3. Read Reviews

Third-party reviews are a great way to gauge the worth of a product before actually committing to its purchase. Does it work as advertised? How long does it last before breaking down? Are there any unexpected problems or complications that users should beware? Never be the first person to review a specific product or brand, especially when it comes to something important like water filtration.
4. Think About Specs

Here are just a few things to measure, calculate or otherwise consider before buying a water filter:

– Size
– Speed
– Weight
– Power requirements

These are called product specifications, and they can have a big impact on everything from price to durability.
5. Get a Guarantee

Signing an extended warranty can be the difference between a painless refund and a permanent mistake. Don’t cut corners when it comes to protecting your water filters from unforeseen events. You never know when a shipping accident or a co-worker’s error will bring about disastrous results, so it’s up to you to prepare for such possibilities.
These are just a few things to keep in mind as you compare and contrast water filtration systems. Whether you’re looking for simple faucet attachments or complicated oil water separators, let these tips guide you in the direction of a smart purchase decision.

How To Live A More Green Lifestyle

It’s hard to watch the news these days without seeing sad stories about the state of our environment. Keeping our earth safe and healthy is incredibly important. This is why it’s so crucial that every person does his or her part to live a more earth-friendly life. If you want to ditch bad habits and start being more eco-friendly, then follow this short guide on how you can live a more green lifestyle.

green lifestyle

Educate Yourself

Understanding things like climate change and pollution is incredibly important to making positive changes. It’s a great idea to educate yourself about what problems our earth is facing and how we as human beings can fix them. Whether it’s a book or a website, take a little time to read about our environment.

green lifestyleRecycle

If you’re not already recycling, then this is a habit that you should get into immediately. While a lot of our trash cannot be reused, so much of it can. Paper, glass and plastic can be shredded, cleaned and recycled into new, usable materials. Sorting your waste takes only a few moments each day but makes such a significant impact on our planet. If your workplace doesn’t recycle, consider talking to your boss about how your company can start making some positive changes. green lifestyleUse Less

Living a completely minimalist lifestyle can be difficult, but it’s simple to make little changes here and there. For example, if it’s a sunny day, open the blinds instead of turning on a lightbulb. If the weather outside is relatively mild, give your air conditioner a break and instead just open the windows. If a lot of people started using less energy here and there, it would really start to add up and make a hugely positive difference.

green lifestyle

Buy Local

Moving produce and other grocery items long distances uses a lot of energy. Consider checking out local farmers’ markets and other sources of locally sourced food. Not only are these products often organic and bursting with vitamins, but they required very little energy to move from the farm to your table. Buying local is a great way to help to improve the environment.

If we want to make positive changes to our earth, we all need to do our share. If you follow these tips, you can live a lifestyle that’s more friendly to our earth. It’s important that we all pitch in if we want to see change.

Fresh Garden

Probably the most exciting subjects of research online is about home decoration Apart from searching on the internet, you’ll also find Television shows devoted to home design. Creating and designing your house is this type of daunting experience if you don’t possess the right understanding about this

With the aid of different sources online, you are able to decorate your house without emptying your wallet. You will find essential things for home designing for example light, paint, fabrics and add-ons. Many people don’t possess the confidence to brighten their very own home, simply because they think that they’re not creative enough to get it done by themselves.fresh garden

Fresh garden and residential decoration

If this sounds like the first time for you to do home decoration, there are several tools to help you like magazines, catalogs, Tv series ad books. These power tools can help both experts and beginners to achieve tips on how they may decorate their house. Home decorators produce a design in a way the garden will complement to the style of the whole house. They need their garden as well as their the place to find look very attractive. To help your house be compliment the quality of the garden, you can put different types of colorful flowers around your house. For those who have a rustic themed home, you’ll be able to also create your garden having a country theme. fresh gardenAccessory for home garden decoration

Are you currently acquainted with live animal kits available on the web? Well, otherwise, then this is actually the ideal time to search for them. They are able to add delight to your house garden project. Is it not ideal for a garden addition? The Leopard frog tadpole can also be obtainable in a package, you’ll certainly love the thought of getting Leopard frog tadpole around to see it grow from the tadpole to some frog. You’ll be amazed seeing this excellent creature grow. You’ll certainly like to discover their whereabouts around your house garden, they’ll add delight to your atmosphere. It’s nice to determine living animals around your house, particularly if you have experienced them seen first day of the lives.