Month: February 2017

Finding Additional Space within Your Home

We have all had those moments when we feel like our home is actually getting smaller. This could be because the kids are getting older or you have simply accumulated more things over the years. Stop worrying. You don’t have to move to find additional space.

SunroomAdding a Sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your home can create that additional living space you crave. Patios and decks are nice, but you are limited when it comes to using them. Inclement weather can close these areas down completely. This makes them unreliable, but a sunroom can be used all year long whether it rains or shines. Once you have decided that you do want a sunroom, you’ll need someone to do the construction. When it comes to custom home additions San Diego has many available contractors such as those at Teknik Inc.

How to Use Your Sunroom

Sunrooms can be used as an extra room, and it can serve a variety of purposes. It makes a relaxing office space when outfitted with desks, bookshelves, and cabinets. If you love to entertain, your sunroom can become an informal dining area. Placing a table and chairs in it allows you to enjoy evening dinners while feeling like you are outdoors. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about chilly night breezes or annoying bugs. Your sunroom can even be turned into a family game room. What a perfect spot for toys, video games, or a home entertainment system.

SunroomDecorating Your New Space

Most homeowners like to maintain a continuous flow throughout the home. The new addition can be decorated in the same style and colors as the main areas of the home so that it truly feels like an extension of the existing space, but don’t feel trapped into any one interior design. This area is also an extension of your outdoor gardens. It can be treat as such by using colors and décor that reflects the exterior of the house. Remember to place plenty of plants in this room. It adds to the atmosphere, and plants thrive in these areas.

Once your sunroom is complete you will have no trouble finding hundreds of uses for this additional space. Regardless of how you decorate or use this special area, remember to enjoy it all throughout the year.

Professional Cleaning Service

Business offices should be clean and tidy to ensure that they run efficiently and are a comfortable place for employees to work. From crumbs in the snack rooms to trash cans that overflow, there are several areas that need attention in the space after a long work day. To create a clean and tidy environment for your staff, there are a few benefits that come with hiring a professional cleaning service.

cleaning serviceStay Organized

As an office that is used throughout the week, it’s important to stay organized to improve the efficiency of the workplace. This will allow your staff to increase their productivity at workstations and in business rooms to prevent the space from becoming cluttered.

Work Around Your Schedule

Offices that need cleanings can schedule when they want the service to be performed at a time of day that is most convenient to their busy schedule. It’s easy to schedule each visit that is made around the work hours of the office to ensure that th workflow of the setting is not interrupted. The cleaners also maintain a high level of confidentiality as they clean the office and must undergo extensive verification checks before they’re hired.

professional cleaning serviceCreate a Professional Setting

Although you may be able to dust off your desk or empty the trash in the break room on your own, it can be difficult to deep clean the environment and allow it to look presentable. A cleaning service can allow you to work in a professional setting that is appealing to potential clients or partners who visit the workspace. You won’t have to worry about stains on the carpet or streaky windows when conducting business meetings and welcoming other professionals into the space.

Proper Sanitation

One of the main benefits of using clinic cleaning services is having the office properly sanitized in areas that are used the most by employees. This can reduce the risk of illnesses and viruses from spreading, which can mean having a staff that takes fewer sick days throughout the year. Alcohol wipes and microfibers on different types of surfaces to eliminate bacteria that is present.

To increase the productivity of your office, a cleaning service is essential to maintaining a safe and habitable environment to work in. You’ll feel more comfortable coming into the office each day after a professional cleaning service visits, which can lead to the future success of your company.

The Farmhouse Kitchen Design

farmhouse kitchenInterior design trends change on a consistent basis. However, what’s old always becomes new again. Basically, trends get recycled over a period of time. Just take a look at fashion and take a note of how quickly those trends change. However, when it comes to both fashion and interior design, there are certain designs that are simply classic. The farmhouse look is one of those classic, nostalgic designs that so many people long to infuse their kitchen. If you’re currently looking to transform your kitchen and make it farmhouse chic, there are a few elements you’ll want to include. Farmhouse kitchen

1. Farmhouse Sink
The farmhouse sink is one of the signature items in a farmhouse kitchen. Its width is normally what attracts a cook. There’s so much space in this type of sink to wash dishes, clean off produce or prepare a brine for some meat. Normally, a farmhouse sink sticks out a little further than the cabinetry surrounding it. It’s easily recognizable; so don’t forget to set aside some money to buy this staple.

2. Kitchen Cabinetry
Your kitchen cabinets are the largest items in the space and they make the most visual impact. If you have the tools at home to create cabinetry you’d like, go for it. If you have window panes in your cabinetry, line the insides with chicken wire. This is an easy nod to the rustic design of farmhouse kitchens. Another investment to consider is a custom kitchen cabinet design. You’ll be able to get the specific design you want with the help of experienced professionals.

farmhouse-kitchen-design3. Accessories
When you’re looking to transform your kitchen, the details are really important. In this case, the accessories matter. For a farmhouse theme, purchase a bunch of mason jars in different sizes. Use the mason jars as storage for different items. You could organize food items like flour, sugar and pasta in the mason jars. Get a few picture frames and install artwork that supports the country theme. Include rustic elements through the use of wood and steel. If you have a window in front of your farmhouse sink, opt out of using regular blinds or a window cornice. Get custom-made wooden shutters to cover the window. If you have room for it, get a farmhouse breakfast table and add four mismatched chairs to the bunch. Make sure the chairs are wooden. If you have a sander or some sandpaper, rub it along the wood of the chairs. This will help it have an aged and rustic appeal.